Reasons New Managers and Supervisors Fail: Lack of Conflict Resolution Skills

conflict wordartThe third reason that newly promoted managers and supervisors fail is because they lack the ability to resolve conflict or the ability to help others resolve conflict. It doesn’t matter where you work, if there is more than one employee, there will be conflict. It is only a matter of time until differing opinions of how to get the job done clash and a conflict arises. It really doesn’t matter what the source of the conflict is; if the manager is not equipped with the skills to address the conflict head on and work it through to a peaceful resolution, the issue will continue to fester and interfere with the cohesiveness and effectiveness of the department.


Organizational Management experts all agree that unresolved conflict in the workplace will lead to a decline in morale, as well as operational inefficiencies.  Nobody wants to work in an environment of constant conflict. It is important for managers and supervisors to develop the skills necessary to help resolve workplace conflict among their employees. An organization may reap the biggest benefits in the shortest amount of time by simply investing in organization-wide conflict resolution training.


Conflict-Resolution-BlastIn our Effective Utility Management Certificate Program, offered in partnership with California State University, Fresno, we teach a method of identifying and resolving conflicts as they come up in the workplace. This lesson alone will put a new manager or supervisor well on the path to success, as they will immediately have a positive impact on their working relationships.  Contact us today to find out more about our Conflict Resolution Training!