WaterWatch and the Weekend

beachesAs spring gradually gives way to summer, bringing with it warmer weather and longer days, many states and cities are shifting into a water-awareness program. The threat of drought is not unique to a desert climate or to a metropolitan district; the warmer it is, wherever you are, the more water you will use.


The US Geological Survey publishes data on historical and current water usage nationwide and state-by-state. The USGS WaterWatch publishes historical and current data on water usage and availability (or lack thereof), including information on floods, drought, current streamflow and past streamflow. You can select your state and view real-time conditions for your area.baseball


As water consumers, it is important to be water-conscious all year round. Whatever your chosen activity this weekend, catching a baseball game, going to the park with the kids, or hanging out at home and just watering the lawn, take a look at the free interactive maps and water resources data available for your area.