Texas Water Infrastructure Investment

Water Infrastructure Investment in City of Joshua, TX, Protects the Environment and Sparks Economic Growth WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency recently awarded the City of Joshua, Texas a one-time $675,083 Special Appropriation Act Program grant for drainage improvements for their growing city. The funds will help the city install drainage infrastructure to protect […]

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Texas Drinking Water Quality

Have you ever wondered about the quality of your drinking water?  The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) has a page on their website called Drinking Water: Consumer Concerns.  The TCEQ also provides a searchable database on their page called Drinking Water Watch.  You can use this tool to find the analytical results and compliance data to learn more about the quality […]

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EPA Grant to Improve Texas Water Quality

Grant of $8.3M for Water Quality and Environmental Programs   DALLAS –  The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently awarded the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) a performance partnership grant of $8,354,808 for administering water quality and environmental programs.  “Complex environmental problems require innovation and teamwork across different environmental programs,” said Acting Regional Administrator Sam […]


Water: The Driving Force of Nature, Part 2

“We never know the worth of water til the well runs dry.” ~Thomas Fuller   From history to present times, water has always been the founding point of any society. Whether the nomads who traveled from oasis to oasis in the desert, or the Egyptians harnessing the power of the Nile, or the trade and […]

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California’s Water-Part Two

In our last post on the California Delta, we mentioned that it’s been called the heart of the California water system. It’s also a diverse ecosystem unto itself. The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta was once a vast tidal marshland and inland estuary.  The Suisun Marsh is the largest brackish water marsh on the West Coast at […]


Membrane in Water and Wastewater Treatment

Recent developments in technology have resulted in breakthroughs in wastewater treatment and reclamation for water reuse. This progress includes membrane technology, which has emerged as a significant innovation for treatment and reclamation, as well as a leading process in the upgrade and expansion of wastewater treatment plants. On the water treatment side, University of South Carolina […]


Introduction to Wastewater Microbiology

 On October 21st and 28th, students looking for an introduction to wastewater microbiology will have the opportunity to participate in a 2-hour, online class hosted by This in-depth 2-hour class is designed for beginning wastewater treatment operators, testing lab technicians in training, students, and those interested in microbiology in the environment.   Activated sludge […]


Chromium 6 Impact

In our previous post on the CA Chromium 6 proposal, we shared that CDPH has officially proposed a Maximum Contaminant Level of .01-milligrams per liter. The proposal is open for public comment, and the public is beginning to do just that.   In Riverside County, the Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday to discuss the effects […]