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Career Prospects – How the Water Industry is the Next Big Thing!

In today’s economy, job opportunity and security are more important than ever. Many industries will experience a sudden increase in job availability between now and the year 2020, either due to the retiring workforce or urban growth. The water treatment and wastewater treatment industry is no exception.   The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the […]


Surface Water-Lakes: Part 2

A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable.  ~William Wordsworth   Like last week’s post highlighting Thoreau’s enjoyment of lakes, Wordsworth also recognized the beauty and the deeply personal inspiration a lake can provide. The beauty of any lake affects different people in different ways, much like a lake can be polluted or […]


Water Technology – Water to Energy, Literally!

In a few of our previous blogs posts, we covered the development of geothermal energy and the use of dams and rivers to create hydroelectricity. On the American Water College Facebook page, we shared a link demonstrating how Texas is actively pursuing both fresh water and energy production at the same time by building a natural gas-fired power […]


Wastewater Treatment – Then and Now

In 1909, the city of Santa Monica was featured in the Municipal Journal and Engineer for their nine-month operation of a magneto-electrolytic sewage purification plant. The theory at the time was that charging sewage with electricity was sufficient to render the sewage safe and free of disease. According to the article, the cost for the city […]


Friday Fun: Water Sayings

How often have we heard a water cliche or idiom that made us stop and wonder “what does that mean?” Though there are dozens of different water sayings and hundreds of ways to use them, today we’ll look at five sayings and their most common meanings.   When someone says “a drop in the ocean” […]

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Algal Bloom: A Source Water Threat

One of the more colorful and complicated threats to our water supply is algal bloom. When phosphates are introduced into water systems, higher concentrations cause increased growth of algae and plants. Algae tend to grow very quickly under high nutrient availability, but each alga is short-lived, and the result is a high concentration of dead organic […]

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Surface Water-Lakes: Part 1

The lakes are something which you are unprepared for; they lie up so high, exposed to the light, and the forest is diminished to a fine fringe on their edges, with here and there a blue mountain, like amethyst jewels set around some jewel of the first water, – so anterior, so superior, to all […]

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Water Treatment – Desalination

The history of water treatment in the US has covered a lot of ground. From the use of large-scale filtration to the introduction of chlorine as a viable treatment and disinfection option over one hundred years ago, water treatment has evolved into a diverse field, employing different geographical or treatment techniques. Even now, water treatment […]

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