Automate Your CEU and Safety Compliance Training

Automate Your CEU and Safety Compliance Training

Every organization has training requirements. We know it, you know it, OSHA knows it. You need to manage the Safety Compliance training as well as CEUs for License renewal. How you administer that training is where things get mixed up. Some prefer classroom training, some online training, some prefer a mix of online and classroom.

No matter what training style you go with, you need to schedule your annual and other required training without missing one or mixing up who needs which course. This can be a challenging task.

The Problem

As a water utility training administrator, you have the task of ensuring each operator gets the required CEUs for license renewal as well as Safety training to keep the workplace safe and comply with local and federal regulations. Not only that, but each operator needs the CEUs for renewal at a different time.

There are a couple of solutions. First off, you can train everyone to the highest level on the same schedule. Give everyone the same number of hours each year and be sure it’s enough for the highest level. Or, you can track the individual licenses and find the right course for each person every time it comes around. Or, choose option 3… Find the right course once and set it on autopilot.

The Solution

We’d like to offer you a simple solution to give each person the right training at the right time automatically. With TrainingHub you can create and assign courses that reassign on your schedule.

Set the time you want the course available to the student. This can be anywhere from 1 day to forever. Then set the Certificate of Completion to expire at the required interval. Check the box to “Reassign” and set the Reassignment range. You can set the automatic reassignment on the expiration of the certificate, or all the way out to 150 days prior to Certificate of Completion expiration.

The timer starts when the certificate is awarded so be sure to set the course expiration within the time you want them to complete the training (don’t go with “forever” and hope they get it done on time).

Our Reports make it easy to see who has completed the training and who has not. Use the “Mass Actions” to send a message reminding them to login and finish the course. The message is delivered to their student accounts as well as emailed to them so you’re sure they get it.

Use Filters to check the status of the course for each student
Mass Action - Send Message
Mass Action – Send Message

What Now?

Learn more about TrainingHub and how it can help you. Schedule a call or browse the information for yourself. Either way, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.