Water Treatment | Coagulation Process Operation and Jar Testing

Learn about Coagulation Process Operation and Jar Testing in this excerpt from our Coagulation and Flocculation Lecture from our Water Treatment Exam Review course.   In this video we look at a few topics including: Streaming Current Meter, Enhanced Coagulation, Why Lowering pH works, and Jar Testing.   If you are preparing for a certification […]


Water Distribution | Hydrant Installation and Types of Fire Hydrants

Learn about Fire Hydrants in this excerpt from the Distribution System Exam Review course.     In this video we look at the guidelines for fire hydrant installation, and the four basics types of fire hydrants. These types include:  Dry-Barrel Hydrants, Wet-Barrel Hydrants, Warm-Climate Hydrants, and Flush Hydrants. For more videos like this, check out […]


Water Distribution | Pipe material

Learn about different pipe materials in this excerpt from the Distribution System Exam Review course.     In this video we look at pipe material and considerations involved with installing distribution piping. These considerations include, material, corrosion resistance, quality maintenance and installation cost. For more information regarding C-Value of pipe, check out THIS paper. If […]


Hydrologic Cycle

Check out this video to learn about The Hydrologic Cycle and the movement of water on the large scale. If you are preparing for a certification exam, you may be interested in our FREE Exam Tips or in signing up for one of our Exam Prep courses. We are here to help you achieve your career objectives.


A Whole New Year!

Happy New Year! We hope your holidays were full of celebration and time with your loved ones. What are your goals in 2016? At American Water College, our goal is to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your license, gain a new certification, or begin an entirely new career in water […]


Turkey and Water

Did you ever wonder how much water your turkey dinner requires? Wonder no more! Turkeys need between 10 and 17 gallons of water per week. Depending on how large your turkey is, you’re probably looking at between 370 gallons and 504 gallons. Of course, there are environmental factors to consider and the growth of the […]

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Holiday Food Prep

What’s your favorite holiday meal? Are there any family recipes that hold special memories for you? What role does water play in those recipes? Whether I’m making a JellO salad or a chicken soup with my own chicken stock, or just adding water to a gravy packet, the holidays would be pretty difficult without a […]

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Imagine a day without water. Sounds pretty bleak, right?   No clean water for drinking or food preparation. No hot showers. No hot coffee or chocolate after Christmas caroling with friends and family.   Think about it. What would you miss most if you had to live without water for one day?