How To Get Your Texas Class C Water System Operator License (part 2)

How To Get Your Texas Class C Water System Operator License (part 2)

Public water system operators in Texas who perform process control duties in production or distribution of drinking water must be licensed with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).  Class C is the second level for Water System Operator licenses in Texas.  In order to get your Class C license,  you must meet the education and work experience options described in our previous post How To Get Your Texas Class C Water System Operator License (part 1).  This post will address the training, examination, and application requirements.

Training Courses


Texas Class C Water License Courses

Application and Examination



American Water College offers COURSES to help Texas Water Operators meet the training requirements and prepare to pass their licensing exams the first time.  Our exam preparation courses cover all the material you need to know using the most effective training methods so you will have the confidence you need to succeed.  Click HERE to download your FREE copy of Certification Exam Tips.

Our next post will address the requirements to get a Class D water operator license in Texas.  Click HERE to download your FREE Guide to Getting and Maintaining Your Water Operator License in Texas.