Project Management | Planning the Project

Project Management | Planning the Project

Learn about the project planning process in this excerpt of the Project Management lecture from our Water Utility Management course.


Learn about Planning a Project in this excerpt from our Project Management Lecture from our Effective Utility Management Course.

The main questions that planning answers are:
What must be done?
How should it be done?
Who will do it?
By when must it be done?
How much will it cost?
How good does it have to be?

The steps to project planning are also covered.
These are:
1. Define the problem
2.Develop a mission statement and major objectives
3. Develop a project strategy to meet the objectives
4. Determine scope and define project boundaries
5. Develop a Work Breakdown Structure
6. Estimate activity durations, resource requirements, and costs
7. Prepare master schedule and budget
8. Determine project organization structure
9. Create the project plan
10. Get stakeholders to sign-off on the plan


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